278A0247.jpgI’m always interested in getting to know new folks, so if you want to get in contact please fill out the short form below. If you’d like to request a review of a book or anything else, you can also do that using the form below. 

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  1. Dear Matt, just read a review of yours on Gospel Coalition’s website. I used to live in Lodi in the 80’s. Hey, when I read the name of your church a thought occurred to me. I had an older brother who would drive in from Los Angeles to my parents home in Redlands. It’s Thanksgiving. Traffic is terrible. Here I am about 10 years old and my big brother about 20 says this in anger and frustration…(referring to the traffic) “that’s not my reality.” It was my first introduction to the modern/post modern mind. Reality is out there but I’ve got one that I prefer and when I can’t experience my reality I sure get angry. Anyway, wanted to share that with you. Peace and grace. Todd Capen

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