My Top Five Blog Posts of 2017

I didn’t write enough to do a full top ten–nearly every post would have been on the list–so here’s a top five. I’m not surprised that The Beatitudes landed at number one since The Gospel Coalition linked to it over the summer, but looking back I’m a bit surprised that the others had so many hits.

  1. The Beatitudes. After spending well over a year in the Sermon on the Mount in my devotional time, this was simply a personal reflection on the upside-down nature of the beatitudes.
  2. Extra Special Providence. Shortly after the birth of James, I took some time to stop and reflect upon the ways that God cares for us, using both biological and Church family, and how there are some notable differences.
  3. If I Have Learned One Thing: A Lesson From My First Five Years of Marriage. By no means did I claim to have it all figured out, but at the five year mark I did have one thing pressed upon me.
  4. Thoughts on Romans 8:32. Grace is costly, and we’re to live our lives in light of that fact.
  5. We’ve Lost Our Ability to Argue. We leverage the logical fallacy of ad hominem far too often, and even when we don’t it can be perceived that we do. Let’s attack each other’s arguments and not simply attack each other.