My Top Five Blog Posts from 2018

I wrote a lot more this year. In part becasue I added a whole new section to my site so that I can store quotes from the books I liked throughout the year. Due to that, and not surprisingly, the quote list from Fleming Rutledge’s book, The Crucifixion, had far and away the most hits (until November) because Fleming retweeted it. I’m still getting people coming to my site because of that tweet.

Somewhat surprisingly, though, is in just two days, that hit count was surpassed by a blog that was not publicized and was filled with only my own words. Verena and I experienced a miscarriage back in October, and I think that the honesty, vulnerability, and intimacy found in that (long) post was something that many were able to find very relatable. Perhaps next year I’ll try to do a better job of documenting experiences rather than just jotting down theological observations.

If you’d like to check out any of those (or my other top posts) from this last year you’ll find some links below!

  1. Our Miscarriage and God’s Providence. After working through the implications and hardship of our miscarriage for about a month, I described how God provided for us through all of it, and how we are able to continue with steadfast confidence in God’s goodness and love.
  2. 20 Quotes from “The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ.” I found a lot to disagree with in this book, but it remains a wonderful treatment on the atonement.
  3. Praying Psalm 23. I wrote this as a reflection after spending some time memorizing this famous psalm. You can see it as a frame work for how to pray any psalm. Read the line, then pray everything that comes to mind when you meditate on the truth you just read.
  4. Because Equity Matters. We make much of “equality,” and rightfully so, but we don’t take the time to understand equity as we ought. In this post I discuss how equity and the gospel help motivate me to work hard in my field.
  5. The Importance of Theology. This post is a modified version of a talk I was privileged to give to the men’s group at my church at the beginning of the year. I discuss how theology has great importance on everything spanning from our understanding of God to our motivations for spreading His kingdom.

Header photo credit: @eckfarms