Don’t Be Deceived By Experiences

“Follow your heart.”

–Worldly Wisdom

I’m excited to treat this wise saying of the world through my article published by Modern Reformation. We live in a culture that tells us things like look inside, follow your heart, trust your gut. We’re not really conditioned to look outside of ourselves to find truth, but the real truth is that our hearts are deceitful, sick, and shouldn’t be trusted. That leaves us to find another (better) way.

Here’s and excerpt:

Our experiences still slither up to us and whisper the familiar refrain of the ancient serpent, “did God actually say…” but we must remember Christ’s final cry on the cross. Trusting only what we feel is ultimately self-delusional, not wise. It binds us to the swirling winds of our emotions and the innumerable variables of the wider world, very little of which we can account for and comprehend.

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Soli Deo Gloria