Gazing On The Gospel

The movie The Greatest Showman captivated my imagination when it came out a while back for numerous reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason is the theme of idolatry running through the whole thing. I told my wife at the time that it seems like whoever wrote the script spent a lot of time reading the book of Ecclesiastes, becasue the main character runs from idol to idol finding them over and over again to be nothing but vanity and chasing after the wind. Modern Reformation published an article of mine recently where I reflect on this theme and its implications for us.

Here’s an excerpt:

In our social-media driven age, we quantify the world’s adoration through likes, retweets, and followers—or, more rightly, those that haven’t liked, retweeted, or followed us.  Even as Christians, we so badly want the love and approval of others—and the power that approval gives—that we forget that we already have the ultimate approval of God.

Read the whole Modern Reformation article here: Gazing On The Gospel

Soli Deo Gloria