If God is Gracious, Why Can’t I do What I Want?

At some point or another, we’ve probably all wondered this question: Why can’t we just keep on sinning if God is just going to keep on forgiving? This is a question that the Apostle Paul expected us to be asking, and so he dealt with it in his letter to the Romans. In this article at Core Christianity, I unpack why Paul says we can’t keep living life like we used to once God saves us.

Here’s an excerpt:

Imagine receiving a gift from a friend. If you immediately pay your friend for the gift, you haven’t received a gift at all. Instead, you’ve made a payment for a commodity. To truly receive a gift means that there is no expectation or requirement of repayment. That’s what makes it a gift. However, Christians can be prone to view salvation as a license to sin and live however they want. If God is gracious then there is no need to change lifestyles. This is what the Roman Christians were tempted to think (Romans 6:2).

Read the whole Core Christianity article here: If God is Gracious, Why Can’t I Do What I Want?

Soli Deo Gloria