Why We Need Deep Discipleship: Book Review–‘Deep Discipleship’ by J.T. English

Discipleship is something we Christians are great at talking about. But when it comes down to describing how we go about “making disciples” in the local church, many will look back with a blank stare. In his new book, Deep Discipleship, J.T. English forces pastors and ministry leaders to evaluate the practices of their church and spend time building the framework, or path for meaningful, intentional discipleship. Discipleship which centers around the Bible, theology, and spiritual disciplines and is built to equip saints from within so that they don’t feel as though they have to go to grow.

I recently had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the book for The Gospel Coalition. You can read a brief excerpt below and follow the link at the bottom of the page to the whole review.

Here’s an excerpt:

By [lowering the bar of discipleship], we’ve only brought our members into knee-deep water, but we wonder why we rarely see anyone swimming in the deep end. Instead, by raising the bar and teaching our members how to swim in the shallows, where they can still touch the bottom, we’re equipping them to tread out into the deep waters of our God and, ultimately, to train others to do likewise.

Read the whole article on The Gospel Coalition’s website here: Why We Need Deep Discipleship

Soli Deo Gloria