How to Tell If You Are Blessed

Blessedness is something we all long for, but what does the Bible mean when it uses the word? The book of the Psalms has been know as the prayer book of the Bible, and while it’s filled with prayers demonstrating a life of blessed relationship with God, the book opens in Psalm 1, not with a prayer, but with an introduction.

I recently had the opportunity to write about what Psalm 1 is communicating over at The Gospel Coalition.

Here’s an excerpt:

…to delight in the law of the Lord is to build on a level rock. It provides stability, clarity, and accuracy that the shifting sands of the wicked, sinners, and scoffers cannot. The foundation on which you set your delight informs the direction of the structure it supports.

Read the whole article on The Gospel Coalition’s website here: How to Tell If You Are Blessed.

Soli Deo Gloria