Abortion, Miscarriage and Human Dignity

I’m pleased to have this article published at The Christian Post. With everything swirling around in this continued debate about abortion, the right to life, and ultimately human dignity, it was wonderful to be able to offer my opinion on how those of us that have experienced a miscarriage might view the whole conversation. Ultimately, I argue that the extreme, and uneven, stance of abortion advocates leaves anyone attempting to dignify all people wanting.

Here’s an excerpt:

As anyone that has ever grieved knows, when you’re in pain, you don’t want subjective answers. Instead, you want something strong and sturdy you can build your hope upon. You want truth, and despite what our culture tells us about defining our own truth or using “alternate facts” to support our own interests, truth comes from without, not within. Truth is given, not invented. The truth is, all of those babies lost—to miscarriage or abortion—are just that: babies. We all know it to be so, it’s just a matter of yielding to the truth, and acting accordingly, even if it presses against our own self-interest.

Read the whole Christian Post article here: Abortion, Miscarriage and Human Dignity

Soli Deo Gloria