10 Quotes from “Before You Open Your Bible” by Matt Smethurst

Matt Smethurst is the Managing Editor for The Gospel Coalition. That means, in part, he makes decisions about what  will be generally edifying, encouraging, and appropriately challenging to the readers that visit the site. It shows in this book.

This short little book is a wonderful reminder and encouragement for all. His writing is accessible for any reader and filled with relatable illustrations so that everyone can grasp the points he’s making.

If you’ve been a Christian for some time, most of this will likely be recap, but as Paul Tripp states on the cover, it’s a recap we all need. Drifting usually takes place without us realizing it, so these well written reminders are helpful for every single one of us as we seek to follow Jesus with all of ourselves. If you’re a new, or non, Christian, read this book (especially the last chapter!) and dive into your Bible in a whole new way.

If you’d like to purchase the book you can do so here.

Here are 10 of my favorite quotes. Enjoy!

1. Page 6

If the Christian Faith had a curriculum, the class called “Prayer Matters” wouldn’t be an elective for college; it would be a prerequisite for kindergarten.

2. Page 11

Sometimes religious people can give the impression that happiness is unspiritual. You can be happy or you can be holy, but surely not both.

3. Page 31

Notice Luke doesn’t rebuke them for not taking an apostle at his word; he commends them. The Bereans’ impulse to pause and slow down–to study–reveals their noble character.

4. Page 32

We study God to praise God. And we cannot praise what we do not know.

5. Page 32-33

When suffering arrives unbidden in your life, and the bottom falls out, you will either have something solid to stand on or not.

6. Page 49

Despite what our culture tells you, real joy is not found in listening to yourself; it’s found in listening intently to God.

7. Page 59

I am so grateful that the gospel message is not a rough draft, or a weak crutch, or an irrelevant historical relic, but God’s explosive power to save anyone–like James, or like you–who trusts in Christ alone (Rom. 1:16).

8. Page 59

We can schedule meetings, but praise God that he schedules conversions.

9. Page 63

We desperately need other Christians–ideally those who are different from us–to function in our lives as both barrier-setters and barrier-removers, simultaneously keeping us from reading wrongly and freeing us to read wisely.

10. Page 71

If we ever hope to properly handle the stories in the Bible, we must first grasp the story of the Bible.