My Top Five Articles from 2019

Like last year, I wrote more this year than I did in years past. I had a lot more traffic running through my site this year, in part, because I was fortunate enough to be published several times in 2019 (both online and in print) and people were cruising by my site because of it. My goal was to write an article a week, but I didn’t quite hit it. Including publications, I landed at 42 articles for 2019.

One of the articles I wrote was featured by Tim Challies on his site, and naturally that post was far an away the most visited over the year. Second most visited was an article about the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy following a miscarriage. Rounding out the rest of the top five were articles made up primarily of books I read throughout the year. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to write even more in 2020. Thanks for stopping by!

If you’d like to check out any of those articles from this last year you’ll find some links below!

  1. Take them to the Tower. Sometimes we’re asked to pray with people and we’re not quite sure what to say. In those times we should just take them to the the strong tower of the Lord. Bring them to Jesus.
  2. Our Rainbow Baby. After going through a miscarriage in 2018, my wife’s pregnancy in 2019 brought us more emotions than we were prepared for. Some we were expecting, and others we weren’t.
  3. 15 Quotes from “Humble Calvinism” by J.A. Medders. Jeff Medders wrote a book for recovering cage-stagers and all those looking on so that we can see what Calvinism ought to look like.
  4. 25 Quotes from “Seek First: How the Kingdom of God Changes Everything” by Jeremy Treat. Jesus tells us to do many things, but there is only one thing he says we should seek first. Jeremy unpacks the kingdom of God holistically in his newest book, showing us what it is and demonstrating its implications on our lives.
  5. 10 Quotes from “Before You Open Your Bible” by Matt Smethurst. Matt’s short book is a refreshing read reminding us of the supremacy and sufficiency of God’s word. Drifting usually takes place without us realizing it, so these well written reminders are helpful for every single one of us as we seek to follow Jesus with all of ourselves.