Book Review: “Humble Calvinism” by J. A. Medders

If you’re alive and in the Christian West, you’ve probably run into a brand of Calvinism–or I should say Calvinist–that can’t easily be described as “humble.” With his book Humble Calvinism, Jeff Medders aims to confront that issue head-on by pointing out, rightly, if you’re a Calvinist then having a heart-understanding of the Doctrines of Grace should make you humble, not arrogant. You can read my full book review by following the link below.

Here’s an excerpt:

The book is written not from a reactionary impulse to scold offending Calvinists, but from the heart of someone who has done a lot of personal introspection on the subject and come out the better for it. For this reason, many of the experiences he describes will hit home for readers. If you’re a Calvinist, and willing to admit it, you’ve probably been the arrogant Calvinist found in the author’s stories. As he puts it, “There’s a fine line between rejoicing over the God we know and rubbing the doctrine we know in people’s faces” (21). If we’re honest, we’ve done the latter more than we would like to admit.

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