L(amen)ting with Hope

This season in history is a difficult one for all of us, and more so for some than others. In this article, I address the necessity of biblical lament. I write about how God even wants to hear our cries of pain, how he’s teaching us to even love the difficult things he brings into our lives, and the real hope our laments all point to.

Here’s an excerpt:

Right now, we’re all being tossed around by the waves of COVID-19. Whether it’s through the limitations of quarantine, financial hardship, or the scariness of sickness and death, we’re experiencing communal pain to a degree most of us have never known before. The whole world is weeping, and that makes our own pain all the more painful. God doesn’t want us to downplay or ignore it, however. Rather, he’s using this time of anxiety and loss to draw us closer to him and remind us of his providence.

Read the whole article on The Gospel Coalition’s website here: L(amen)ting with Hope

Soli Deo Gloria